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I want to have a body like that girl!

I hear this all the time. And although it’s good to have goals, what you also need to realise ladies is that you are actually born with a certain body type and whilst it can be changed to a point, there is a limit to what you can change. It saddens me that most women want to look like somebody else. I could go into detail here and tell you that you may have an ectomorphic or endomorphic or mesomorphic body or varying degrees of those, but without boring you with too much detail, what it basically means is that your structure has a certain genetic foundation. So if you are a slender girl with wide hips – and when I say wide hips I mean the bone structure, not the padding…. You are never going to be the girl with the super athletic boyish look with almost no waist. And if you are the girl with the more straight up and down waist and small hips, you are not going to ever be the girl with the super hourglass figure! What I AM saying here is this – make the most of your own body shape, your body type, make it look the best that it can. And trust me, all shapes can look great!

I have ladies coming to me that LOVE their larger, curvier hips and bum, and want to keep that, but just firm up! Then those that don’t want an ounce of fat in that area – and their respective partners generally love exactly the way they are as well! So I stress here, there is no perfect body! Please do not be swayed by the pictures you see in magazines or on social media depicting what the perfect body is. There is no such thing. What it is, is what you are happy with, provided it is based on a healthy and active lifestyle.

Looking at magazines and social media pics of girls posing with the supposed perfect body is not reality ladies. Firstly, many are photo shopped, then the poses are done specifically to make them look good. Hey, with my competition experience, I can recommend poses that will make most women look good! Secondly, most of those girls will not be in that shape year round. It is extremely difficult to stay super lean showing a six pack all year, unless you want to be on a restricted competition diet which is done in order to get onto stage, which is temporary and not always healthy.

So many of the ladies I train who having lost some weight, gained some muscle tone, become healthier and look better in their clothing regain or develop a profound confidence which makes them even sexier! This bubbles over with a special energy to do more in life, and even goes as far as becoming more confident in intimacy with their partners, which makes any woman sexier. It is not about looking perfect, it is about you. You, feeling great about yourself and who you are!

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